Il Vicolo, the place to be seen

Il-Vicolo-Cafe-LogoIf you want to get into the groove in the city of tribes, pop into this petite restaurant & wine bar and order some of the Italian style cuisine while listening to an eclectic music playlist in the background.

You’ll feel like you’re in the most stylish restaurant in Galway.

If your budget can’t afford any dinner, pumper yourself with a glass of any of the fancy wines of their list before it gets too busy. In that case enjoy your glass in good company, it’s very likely you’ll meet somebody you know.

The lunch option is more affordable and the atmosphere is a slitghly quieter that at nights.

Dark spots: enjoy a dinner can be a bit too expensive. And depending on yor mood it can get a bit too busy and loud.

Il Vicolo Café & Wine Bar, 5 Buttermilk Walk, St Augustine St, Galway.    Phone: 091 535 922


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