MONROES TAVERN, Nice music, Nice food

It looks like we’re still having a few cold days left this Spring in Ireland, so why not spend one of these chilly nights warming up in one of the most popular spots in Galway. Either you’re a local or a tourist from anywhere you’ll love the vibe at Monroe’s. Music, mixed people, both Irish food and pizzas and drinks, of course.

Irish gastronomy is not only fish and chips, if you go for any of the traditional meals at Monroes you’ll agree with me. I took some of my friends to this classic spot in Galway and they, like me, were surprised of how a place that is better known as a music venue can offer a good choice of Irish cuisine. Don’t miss their Irish Stew, highly recommended.


And after a good meal you can always finish the night with a pint (or pints) at the pub and sing along to a local band’s music…And if you’re lucky you can even enjoy watching a group of dancers showing off their skills at Irish dancing.

Sláinte !

You can also book por parties. Check their website:

Upper Dominick Street


091 58 3397


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