Some events in the pubs


It’s nearly impossible to just pick up one pub this week, with all the activities of the Food Festival in action so we have preferred to give you a few suggestions for different days in different pubs from Thursday on.

Please, if you are new in Ireland you have to know that all pubs will be closed this Friday, due to the festivity of Good Friday (it was a shock for me when I first discovered it).

It’s all about learning about food and drinks these days so take your notepad (or your ipad) to attend to the following classes:

1. Thursday 28: Cocktail lesson in The Skeff Bar & Kitchen

Seasonal fruit and chocolate cocktails. At 5:30 and 6:30 pm

2. Saturday 30: Spanish Wine Tasting at Martine’s Restaurant

From 11 am. They’ll prepare a homemade paella!

3. Sunday 31: Irish Whiskey Master Class at McCambridges

At 6:30 pm. Please, be aware this event is 10 euros entry

4. Also on Sunday: Music & Food at Kelly’s Bar

Free meatballs at midnight & live music with The Converse Allstars

Remember this is only our selection, you can check the whole program of the festival here


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