CONNEMARATHON- Run from the heart


Last year it was a success (they got representation of 29 countries) and all entries for ordinary competition for 2013 are sold out. You’ve still got a bit of time to enter the Connemarathon for this year…even for charity which is always a very good reason to run for.

The road running/racing starts in Maam Cross, Galway, so wether you feel like doing some walking, cycling or driving around Galway this weekend, you can still do it and encourage everyone running the marathon while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the West of Ireland. If you’re a foreigner and new in this country you’ll be surprise of the well-hearted people in the island supporting any charity cause. In this case the sponsors of the Connemarathon are the charity organizations CROI and Cancer Care West.


The marathon consists of:

Ultra Marathon (39,30 miles) at 9 am
Full Marathon (26,20 miles) at 10.30 am
Half Marathon (13,10 miles) at 12 pm

Includes transfers to and from, water bottles, sports drinks, portaloos, medical personnel, medals, T-shirts, and fruits and drinks when finishing the race.

Connemarathon 2013, Sunday 7th at 9 am, Maam Cross, Co. Galway


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