A dark movie director for a children’s story? A selfish wizard turning into a hero?? A bunch of stereotypes??
4 great actors, that’s out of the question. 3 great witches: the good, the bad and the worse and a magician with the initials O.Z.

No Dorothy this time, but a little girl made of china, and a few winks to the classical version of the 1940’s (the lion, the scarecrow) and the Emerald City still looking as in the poster for Metropolis.

Disney follows the way open with Alice in Wonderland, directed in 2010 by Tim Burton and retells a classical story in 3D, choosing this time Sam Raimi (A Simple Plan, Spiderman) as the director. With James Franco as Oz, and 3 great actress, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams (we love you, Michelle) and Rachel Weisz as the witches, I think the result is quite better than Burton’s movie, good entertainment and a fantastic beginning, in black and white first and then, when entering the Magical World full of bright colours, big flowers and new creatures.

You may know the story (and if you don’t, get the books by Lyman Frank Baum) but still will have a good time unless (like me, for a little while) start thinking (again) that for Hollywood a good witch is always young, white, fair, blonde and beautiful girl and that evil is an old, dirty, ugly, dark woman. But we are not going to analyze colours and shapes in western literature and cinema today… Some other time, if you are interested.

Just let yourself go in to the Magical World of Oz and enjoy the movie.

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