VENICE, good food, bad music

venice whatwheregalway

Of course, we are going to talk about the food at Venice, because it’s excellent, but first of all, PLEASE, can somebody give them a couple of CD’s? Please!

When you eat as slow as I do, any dinner takes longer than one hour, and that hour can be too long if the only music you to is Andrea Bochelli’s ballads and a terrible mix of arias  “The 3 Tenors style”. Music is not the reason to go to a restaurant, but it can be a reason not to go back; but let’s talk about the food.

Venice offers traditional italian recipes (ravioli, penne, tagliatelle etc. a raviatta, ai funghi, bolognese), a great risotto, my favourite, and a selection of pizzas (try number 46, pizza Venice).

It’s great to know that they have a kids menu with simple and tasty pasta and butter, spaguetti carbonara and even ice cream.

If you are visiting Galway this year you may have seen the Trip Advisor reviews of Venice, it is number 7, out of 176, in their ranking of restaurants in this city.

Check their website with all the details and the address (in Lower Abbeygate Street). Big groups should book in advance as it is a small place, but they open from 12 to 22:30 (a bit later on Sunday).

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