Finnegans, the best Irish fry



Ok, we know it’s a bit too much. We know that we don’t have that type of breakfasts back home. And we know it may contain a few more calories than a regular breakfast. But you have to try it. Once…at least.


And if you decide to do it, my best advice is to drop in Finnegan’s Corner. It’s better to try it (specially if it’s your first time having an Irish breakfast) on a Saturday or Sunday, they serve breakfasts until late morning- midday. You’ll need to take your time…it’s not just coffee and toasts. It’s coffee (or tea) and toasts, and bacon (the call it rashers), and eggs, and sausage, and pudding, and potatoes, and beans…if you ask for a full Irish. Needles to say, there’s also a choice of small Irish or vegetarian option if your stomach is still not ready for such a feast.

You’ll love it while reading the papers of the day or explaining the traditions of the country if you take family or friends on their holidays…as I usually do, I swear they all leave the plate spotless clean!

However, Finnegan’s not only offers breakfasts. It’s also known as the home of traditional home cooked, Irish food in Galway. Clients say from Finnegan’s “Good, hearty Irish food at a fantastic price“, “Don’t go for the fine dining (you wont find it) – go for the no-frills, hearty, inexpensive, tasty food“, “For €8.50 you get a full breakfast which was absolutley fantastic!  I fully recommend this place for a cooked breakfast.”


There might be some tourists but it’s the local people who usually have their meals in this nice corner. If it’s crowded by the locals…that’s a good sign, isn’t it?

Bon appétit!


Finnegan’s, No. 2 Market Street

Phone: 091 564764



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