Pilgrim Hill, Irish cinema at its best

We don’t have many chances to watch Irish cinema in this country; even on dvd one wouldn’t find this type of films easily on the usual dvd shop’s shelves. It’s a big shame for I think the Irish cinema has most of the best European films nowadays. You could even say it’s too depressing to watch one of them…even though there’s always a hint of humour and irony, not always easy to guess.

That’s why here’s a small remark of one of the new films made in Ireland, Pilgrim Hill, directed by the young Gerard Barrett, winner of the Rising Star at this year’s IFTA.
A middle aged and poorly educated farmer (Joe Mullins) has been living all his life in the rural Ireland taking care of the family land and eventually looking after his father as well. Not a very easy and joyful life and nobody close to help around, nothing else but
the ocassional pint nearby to make his existence run a bit smoothly as his life is about to take a turn he’s not expecting.

Barrett’s debut film was premiered at the Galway International Film Festival in Ireland and immediately garnered critical acclaim; the fiml was called a “masterful debut from a first time filmmaker”. He won the Best New Irish Talent Award at the Festival and the film won the Irish Times Best Film of the Festival.

Tuesday April 9th at 7pm
The Eye Cinema


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