Connacht v Ulster…the winner takes it all

You wouldn’t be the only one who watch a rugby match without knowing its rules. It’s just something you have to do while staying in Ireland. And what a better chance to do it when the local team is playing.


It doesn’t  matter if it rains or snows, you wouldn’t notice none of this because you’ll be too busy trying to follow the game, understand the rules and guessing who is who in the pitch.

Add to all that a refreshing drink (usually a pint of usual Irish stuff but it’s up to you to decide) that can spicy up your first time at a rugby match. Otherwise everybody’s welcome, newers and regulars, nationals or foreigners, men and women…Come on girls, would you let pass the opportunity to watch really tough guys playing live…?


Don’t wait for too long to get your ticket, from Monday on sale, from €5 up to €3

Sportsground, College Road, Galway

Friday 19 April, at 19.45.

Tickets at and

Remember, it’s not compulsory…you only have to.

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