Theatre and Circus

We have to start with the Circus because it is only TODAY (Tuesday, 16th) in the Black Box, at 5 pm and 8 pm. Black Box is part of the Town Hall Theatre so they share the website, you can check all the options throught this link as also the two plays we are presenting are part of the offer of the Town Hall.

The Chinese State Circus presents the show YIN YANG a mix  traditional chinese acrobatics, which origins are in the III century, described as  “The interaction of two energies in a dynamic system of balance”, including shaolin warriors and all kind of acrobatics.

Check this link if you want to know more about this company, working since the 1990’s and touring Ireland until the end of April

But if you prefer a play, you have two options this week:

whatwheregalway druid murphy

Druid Murphy: Conversations on a Homecoming (Wednesday, Thursday and saturday)  and A whistle in the Dark (tuesday, friday and saturday)

Both plays by Tom Murphy (link to Wikipedia, just in case the name doesn’t ring a bell), A whistle in the Dark tells the story of a family of Irish immigrants in Coventry.

Conversations on a Homecoming  is set entirely in a pub where the characters drink when Michael returns from America and as everyone gets progressively drunker truths are told and souls are bared.

Tickets from 22 euros but there’s also an offer of a combination ticket to see both plays during the week. Check the time and price here


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