Dans la maison

There’s something about french movies, it can be the young people speaking as professors, it can be the focus on middle class society or maybe the stories of every day life, but they have called my attention from the Nouvelle Vague until today. This week we can watch this movie by François Ozon, in a style quite close to the cinema of E. Rohmer and (I don’t know why) whose main characters, a theacher and an art dealer, remind me from Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.

Eye cinema is offering in the Arthouse the french movie In the House, Dans la maison, from today, Tuesday 23th until Thursday at a quite awful time, if I can express my opinion, at 13:55. But if you are studying and can skip classes, have the day off or don’t have any other obligation to attend, go to watch this movie and enjoy with the story of a high school student, quite able to write a novel, based on the real life of one of his class mates.

The way we enjoy this story makes us think in the vouyerism of dayly life, the strategies we use to stop feeling guilty about the gossiping and the way to stop it when it becomes too intense. What are we able to do to continue with our dose of reality? How to stop it? Should we stop it?

Altough the famous face in this film is Kristin Scott Thomas, pay attention to the young actor Ernst Umhauer. He will drag you into the story from the very beginning, with his keen eyes and his intelligent remarks. I don’t want to be a spoiler so I won’t say too much about the plot, but, believe me, it’s one of the best movies you can watch these days, without any of the Hollywood fuss, or special effects, just enjoying a nice, original story.

By the way, this film has been a play a couple of years ago and a short novel before that. And it won the Golden Shell for the best film in San Sebastian last year, and it is only in the cinema for 3 days. What a hard world!


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