My Place…of hidden talents

Imagine  that you have freedom to express yourself about memories of your everyday life… That’s what the  30 artists, from The Iris Learning Centre and the Kilcornan Arts Group of the Brothers of Charity Services Kilcornan, were working in throughout two years.

They will proudly show to the public the work of people from different and not always comfortable backgrounds, having discovered a wonderful way to express, create and interact with each other as well as with the public. They found the perfect opportunity to let people know about their concerns and problems that bumped into their lives. Some talented souls noone would know about if nobody have given them the chance.

The Iris Learning Centre is funded by Brothers of Charity together with VEC teachers, imparting classes of many different areas as drama, arts or computers amongst others with the aim to discover  hidden talents and help them share with others.


Get carried away with somebodyelse’s emotions…not will just open your eyes but your mind.

MY PLACE exhibition, at the Foyer and Arts Corridor in University Hospital, Galway.

The exhibition was launched a few days ago but still runs until tomorrow 24 April.


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