Iron man 3

When your name is Tony Stark, you are a super hero, you make cool stuff for living, so cool that you are a millionaire and you have such a cool girlfriend as Pepper Potts, with her own iron mask, you probably are going to risk or lose some part of your life, because there’s always some villain out there, watching out, trying to ruin it all.

Again, Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, for the fourth time (including The Avengers), probably the super hero with the best sense of humour, and in this third part, we observe more the actor in the role of Tony Stark, the human been and less the hero in the Iron mask due to what happened in New York (please, watch the other movies before this one or you will get lost some times) although, of course, we have all the action and special effects.

This is the last movie the actor had signed, we’ll see if he gets a new contract and shoot the second part of The Avengers.

But when there’s a hero, there’s a bad guy to fight with, and in this case, that man is Ben Kingsley “The Mandarin”, maybe the best one in the movie, being a shadow, never there, always on a screen, a mediatic terrorist. And he is not alone! The Mandarin is an old villain, quite able to spread chaos around, especially when our hero seems stuck, unable to react.

I hate being a spoiler, so go to the cinema (action movies deserve big screens) to watch it, to discover when Stan Lee appears, he always appears!, and enjoy the irony and jokes of the script.

** You can watch IRON MAN 3 in 2D or 3D in the Eye Cinema. Follow this link to check the times.


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