Nina Simone, the eternal voice

My babe don’t care about cars and races…That’s what she sang in one of her most famous songs, but apart of being a superb singer and pianist with a very personal voice, she was a great activist against racism and a civil rights defender. A brave thing to do in the 60’s specially being black, and a woman.


She became since then and until nowadays an iconic figure, and artists as diverse as Cat Stevens, Nick Cave or Alicia Keys were or are influenced by her talent. And we have to thank some TV advertising (something good must have…once in a while) to let young people know some of her songs…Who doesn’t remember some advert just because some fantastic voice which you couldn’t exactly say if it was female or male, was singing… ain’ got no home, aint got no shoes..ain’t got no money ain’t got no class…Ain’t got no I got life…

jamie nancy

This time we’ll have to thank Jaime Nancy to let us listen to Nina Simone’s music. It won’t be his first time in Galway as he used to be the lead singer of a local band called Cuckoo Savante which used to perform some of Nina’s songs every so often. He moved back to Dublin but still have a strong connection between Galway since he’s a teacher at the GMIT while he and The Blue Boys play aroung Ireland, and even crossed the ocean to New York where they succesfully played their Nina Simone songs in the Big Apple.

Don’t miss out those Nina great songs, better live than on TV…

Jaime Nanci & The Blue Boys will perform Nina Simone songbook in Monroe’s Backstage Bar.

Thursday May 2 at 8.30pm.

Tickets: and 091 – 583397.


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