Oliver Reed, my life story

The youngest ones will know him for his last play in Gladiator in which filming died, leaving a long and productive career, including Women in Love, one of the earliest films to show a masculine nude, the Dicken’s classic adaptation Oliver! Or the controversial The Devils. The London actor could have been chosen to play James Bond by her good looking features and presence but was rejected by her bad reputation and issues with alcohol.


Some of his numerous anecdotes and drunken appereances will be revisited by Rob Crouch’s in OLIVER REED, WILD LIFE and unsuprisingly the play is set in a pub in Malta, where he died of a heart attack. Not being easy for Crouch being for around 90 minutes alone on stage playing either the Reed actor, the Reed drunk or the Reed sober, it  has been a completely success since its opening in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where Rob Crouch obteined very positive reviews.


This time it’s your chance to have your own opinion, if you still have a gap in your busy agenda for this week which we know is very tight…

Oliver Reed- Wild Life, as part of the Cúirt.

Town Hall

Thursday 2nd May

Tickets €18/ €15

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