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Two interesting quizzes this week in the pubs. Because everything can be done inside the pub in Galway, even earning some money and showing off what a wise person you are.


The monthly Cottage Quiz, in the Cottage Bar Salthill.

It’s not an easy one, so start reading all the newspapers, all the blogs all the news in the tv. It is tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8 pm. To book a table call 091583723.

This Quiz is always the first Wednesday of the month, so, if it is fully booked for May, remember it will be back the 5th of June.

Prices including some bottle but mostly is cash, you better take the big bag for the money!!


And Monks vs Punks, in Kelly’s, a charity event for the Irish Cancer Society.

This Thursday, 2nd of May, from 7 30. Tablequiz will be taking place first and then a few hairy men will be taken to the stage to get their chest or legs waxed and some people will be shaving their head.

No money but prizes  to be won in this case, tickets are €20 per team of 4.

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