The Quay Street Kitchen


Good food+good location+good staff= Great time

We totally agree with the readers of Trip Advisor who listed The Quay Street Kitchen as the number 1 in Galway (out of 224 restaurants).

I’m sure you can find restaurants more chic, or more avantgarde food in Galway, but if you think that eating out is a experience involving also, the people, the surroundings, the good attitude, you would appreciate this little restaurant in Quay Street, with (for me) the best lemon tart in ages.

They open for breakfast everyday, and in the menu there’s this MAN UP! for 19,95 (if you finish it, you should get a prize): minute steak, liver&onion, sausages, bacon, pudding, fried eggs, skinny fries, mushrooms, tomatoes, bread and Hollandaise sauce.


The picture is a salad special with trout and squid. There’s always some soup and some fish (or seafood) in the menu, but what called our attention was the slow roasted pork neck with red wine gravy. Delicious!

Also, many vegetarian and vegan options, like vegan fish fingers or the vegan burger.

Try its desserts with a tea or a coffee (great coffee, not at all burnt as in many other restaurants around!) and remember they are also open late, quite late.

I think we’ll be talking more soon about this restaurant, in such a busy street where there’s always something going on.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I had breakfast here in January and I can safely say I will not be going back in a hurry.


  2. I was there last year with my mother and loved it! The staff were so friendly, the meals were one of the best in Galway and not expensive. I totally recommended it.


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