Beach Safari, Explore the shore

beach safariThis Sunday, we can go to Grattan Beach, Salthill for  an activity to explore the wildlife of the shore, we are going to check what is in the sand, under the rocks and in the rock pools. With the support of the GMIT, the Ryan Institute (NUIG), the Irish Wildlife Trust and Galway Atlantaquaria (among others) we can learn about the eco-system around us.

Next June bank holiday weekend we will be enjoying the Sea Festival, and this can be its first activity. It is a free event and everybody is welcome to learn about the real situation of the sea and the Galway coast.

From 11 30 to 13 30 experts like Dr Nóirín Burke, Education and Outreach Officer at Galway Atlantaquaria, will be on hand to offer guidance and to help identiify the plants and animals.

Also the Safari is looking for the different litter we can find on the beach. During the 2 hours a beach clean will take place to remove larger items of debris and looking in the sand and on the strand-line for tiny pieces of plastics, for the Beach Plastic Investigation.

The  Beach Safari is a free event and begins at the lifeguards’ hut at Grattan Beach, Salthill at 11.30am on Sunday 26 May. No equipment is needed except buckets and nets.

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