Conamara, a Hint of Madness

It’s not the first time we post something that takes place in Connemara. It’s home of many festivals and sports events and also a region with a unique and extraordinary natural landscape.

Now, what do you like more: dancing, cycling, music or maybe just…walking? Because all of this will have a space in the 29th Conamara Bog Week Festival.

It’s open to all ages and there will be some famous faces of the Irish culture and entertainment, like musicians Johnny Connolly and Declan Corey, box player John  Bowe or new talents as Sabrina Dinan, among others.The big thing about the festival apart from the obvious beautiful scenery is the mix of ages, something very common in this country culturally speaking, specially in traditional and country music.

But that’s not everything. Scientists and artists will join the festival visiting schools to explain the wonders of the area and help the youngest ones to learn how to garden and grow vegetables.

Lay on the grass and relax…

Letterfrack, Connemara

24th May to 3th June



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