I don’t know how I can start talking about the only (now) Spanish restaurant in Galway, because being Spanish myself it is sometimes hard to rate a menu of traditional food which can bring you back home for a while, and a place that offers the proximity and joy of the small family business of my country.

I think it would be fair to focus on the menu, and give you the best tip: don’t be afraid to try it all. Lunares changes the menu and adds or moves away some plates every now and then so you can have a better knowledge of the spanish traditional gastronomy by trying different recipes.

For example, lately they offer us Ox Tail Cordobesa style, a super tasty stew with a sauce of white wine and saffron. I don’t know if you have tried tail dishes before, if you don’t, get ready to finish it licking both the plate and your fingers.

rabo de toro

Check their menu for lunch and tapas in here. I’m going for the squid roll, a traditional lunch from Madrid, one of my favourites.

Also you can go for a selection of tapas, and be sure you ask for the croquettes. They make them with cod, with spanish ham, vegetarians, with garlic prawns… And you have to try their tortilla and the “patatas bravas”, fried potatoes with a spicy sauce.

Lunares is open for lunch at 12  and for dinner from 6 pm. The are closed on Tuesdays. Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5

It is in 3 Dali’s Place, Woodquay, not that you need the exact address, I’m sure you are going to notice this facade:

lunares fachada

This is their number 091 445618, just in case you want to book a big paella dinner.



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