Tales from Galway


We have had enough cinema lately, so let’s go to the theatre this week, especially when this saturday tickets are 6 or 8 euros in the Town Hall Theatre to see the new version of Tales from Galway.

Tales of Galway is a devised play arising from a series of reminiscing workshops involving a wide variety of older Galway residents. Workshop participants were encouraged to delve into their past and explore their youthful experience of growing up in Galway. The result is a uniquely Galwegian theatrical event.

The stories are pull together into a script with the main story of two girls from Bohermore, Margaret and Mary who are friends from the 1950’s. One of them has to go to England and the friendship continues with their letters. In those letters we can hear the real stories of the people from the workshops.

The play was on stage last year, but now the play continues the story until the 1990’s, so we go from the ballroom of Seapoint to the Nightclub life style. It is a perfect opportunity to learn how life has changed in Galway, but it probably remains exactly the same, friends, love, family and this joy of life so present in Ireland.

Tales of Galway is at the Town Hall on Saturday June 1 at 8pm.

Tickets are €8/6 and available from the Town Hall on 091 – 569777

and www.tht.ie


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