A village on your hands

Sure you’ll be thinking of grannys staying all day long indoors making old-fashioned bedding…well, that wouldn’t be too far, just because granny designs and out of style handmade stuff are so in again, fortunately!


Check the International Quilt Festival of Ireland website and you’ll know what I mean. Beautiful samples of colourful quilts made by very different people will make you want to check out this marvellous art. You’ll be surprised how creative those quilts can be. They have a selection of themes for people to choose which one suit them best, or in case you wish to learn how introduce yourself in this art, you’ll find a list of classes for each day, just pick the one that adapts your pocket!

Imagine a village made of quilts, that’s what’s going to happen in the NUI Galway campus this second year of the festival. The largest group of quilts ever seen in Ireland will be shown, but not only from Ireland, as many “quilters” from around the world will help to make the Quilt Village look wonderful.


Just so you also know, volunteers are required to help in the organisation of the festival, it might be a bit late but there’s no harm in checking it out, you’d have the chance to see all the festival for free!

JUne 7th – 9th June

NUI Galway Campus

Tickets €15, €20, €28


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