The Blue Note, Small and Cute

It’s a bit strange that we haven’t mentioned this pub before, as it’s one of our favourites. Located in the West End of the city, it’s one of the classic pop bars in Galway.

You can either enjoy having a drink while playing some board games in the little room on the left in your friends company or pick one of the books placed on their shelves while enjoying some good music in the background. Also if your birthday is coming soon, you can book this room for you and your party people and even bring your own finger food or tapas!
Not bad, eh?

It has one of the coolest (if i’m allowed to called it so) smoking areas…not wanting to promote smoke but in a night out this area is busier than inside, and not always with smokers! People like people…

You can never know about the music, sometimes it’s pure 80’s, some other times it’s more new electronic dance, 90’s have their space too, 70’s…as I said you never know, it’s a surprise but you surely have to try this small bar and even try to dance to any sound of music in their tiny disco-floor, why don’t you try on your way to the toilet…

The Blue Note

3 William Street West,

Galway’s West End  Galway

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