Story telling at Charlie Byrne’s


Sometimes it seems that there are not too many children activities in Galway. Perhaps, from the point of view of a foreigner in Ireland, because it is better advertised any activity related to the pubs and the night life and, especially here, due to the economic relevance of the universitary students and young people from all around the world.

But there are many things to do with children in Galway, and one of them is happening this Saturday at 11 am in the bookshop Charlie Byrne’s (The Cornstore, Middle Street).

We think their description of the event is so clever that we are simply quoting them:

Our Teddy Bears have been missing out on all this good weather – so we’re having a Teddy Bear’s Picnic at storytime. Teddy Bears are invited to a bumper session of teddy themed stories and fun on Saturday morning at 11 am, with picnic treats. Humans are also welcome too!


I hope your inner child enjoys it too.


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  1. Posted by debray on March 29, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    where is this library ?


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