STREET SPECTACLE: Galway Arts Festival

The Arts Festival is already here and I think one of the best shows this year are going to be in the streets of Galway.

Today and tomorrow (July 15 & 16) at 10 pm: DRAGONS

Be prepared to be dazzled as one of Europe’s most exciting outdoor theatre companies, the world famous Sarruga from Barcelona, invade the city streets. Fire-breathing dragons, accompanied by pulsating electronic music, travel from Eyre Square through the heart of the city to the Spanish Arch. Boldly inventive and hugely thrilling, Sarruga bring excitement and terror in equal measure!

** From Eyre Square to the Spanish Arch through Shop Street
m-Kremah Sarruga 1
July 20 & 21 at 4 pm: THE FLYING TRAPEZE
Les Pepones is a breathtaking comic tale with astonishing acrobatics, swings, catches, hangs and somersaults – all choreographed to a fantastic musical score inspired by the silent movies of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. With jaw-dropping skill, this cast of nine performing on a huge circus rig thirty-five feet above the audience has become one of the most talked about trapeze shows in Europe.
**In Eyre Square
July 20 at 1, 7 & 10 pm: THE DREAM ENGINE HELIOSPHERE
Creating the illusion of flying, an enormous, light-filled, helium balloon rises, falls and glides through the sky, suspending a stunning balletic aerialist below who tumbles and turns from ground level to twenty metres above the audience. An enchanting and beautiful spectacle, which has wowed audiences all over the world.
**Eyre Square and Shop Street
m-Helio Covent Garden 3 dream machine
July 20 at 2, 9 and 11 pm: LIGHTWALKERS
Mesmerizing audiences with their simple and beautiful imagery, The Wrong Size use technology and circus skills to create stunning, visual spectacle. Highly visual and utterly unique Lightwalkers is a multi-colour swirl of movement, costume and light.
** At 2 pm From Eyre Square to the Spanish Arch
     At 9 and 11 Spanish Arch- Quay St. – Cross St. – Bridge St. – Dominich St.- Spanish Arch

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