July is my favorite month in Galway; with the Arts Festival everybody is out and the streets bustle with tourists, buskers and artists.

All the business in town try to go a step further and bring us new shows, parties and exhibitions. And this weekend in Dominick Street both Saturday and Sunday we can go to their Street party, an event hosted by Roisin Dubh, Monroes, Bierhaus and Galway’s West End.

Bringing the party out means that if you live in the area… forget about sleeping! But  it is an opportunity to enjoy Galway in a different way as well (For sure, we are going to see millions of pictures of the event).

This is the programme:

street party

I’m sure both days are going to be mad but, for me, Sunday is more attractive as we can listen (among others) to The Converse All Stars. If you haven’t seen them yet they are a rock, blues, soul and funk cover band playing everything from James Brown to Vampire Weekend to Tom Waits to Prince and back to James Brown again.

The party starts at 9, and they will serve food (pig on a spit on Saturday and paella on Sunday) until 11 so I think this weekend we can have it all, the music, the food, the fun.

Enjoy the weekend!


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