Being a Movie Star

If you can be a movie star, you think you are a movie star or you are a movie star, this Friday night in Massimo’s you can show your abilities with the event “Jameson Triple Bill” the pub is organizing with the brand of whiskey.

It is a series of film themed events the format of which will be multi-dimensional and take the participant through the experience of being a Movie Star from SCREEN TEST to GREEN SCREEN FILMING to creating a MOVIE POSTER.


Our “casting directors” will seek out potential “STARS” among you and your friends…all you have to do is introduce yourselves to camera and recite a line or two of dialogue to show off your skills as actors. These will be filmed and edited together for post event promo for each event.

Don’t just look at movies…be in them with the film booth!
You get the chance to act against a green screen and appear in their own movie. All the “Dailies” (rough cuts) will be premiered around the venue throughout the night.
Each movie will get post production treatment and will be on Facebook on Monday! !

Ever wanted to see yourself in your own movie poster?
You can now step inside a selection of different movie posters by posing (with props) in our special photo set up.

** If the movie star is not you, remember there will be plenty of Jameson sampling around!


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