We’re the Millers (If anyone asks)

Do you know when you finish a movie and you start forgetting everything about it?
That’s exactly the feeling I had when the credits appeared on the screen, I think this is one of the most predictable pictures I’ve seen in a long while. The story could be cool, a drug dealer and his neighbor, a stripper, pretend to be a family, and with the help of two youngsters they try to introduce more drugs in the United States.

As I said, it could be a nice movie, but it is pretty basic, the trip to Mexico takes less than 5 minutes, so no road movie at all, the jokes at the border are childish and the resolution of the movie doesn’t let the characters to explain their motivations for the final decision. The secondary characters are so plain, the bad boy for the date of the girl, the annoying people in the other vehicle who have to help the Millers, the Mexican policeman…

Of course, it is good enough for some popcorn and soda with the family in a rainy day, and the young Emma Roberts does quite well in the role of a misled girl, searching for some roots and role models.

As always, this is just an opinion, if you love the movie, don’t hesitate to tell us and share your comments here or in our Facebook page.

You can watch this Hollywood story in IMC and Eye Cinema

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