A tasty plan for Friday


Our friends in The Townhouse Bar bring back this venue full of food, music and nice cocktails as the Negroni &Spritz in the picture.

All cooked by 4 enthusiastic Italian-Spanish friends that want to show Galway this affection to all the ingredients and bring a taste of Aperitivo culture to town!
What does Aperitivo mean? “The trend in Italy is to go out with friends in the evening, and for only a few euro get a cocktail and some tasty food

You can taste different flavored hummus with home made bread, courgette pizza and a drunk risotto

The night offers also live music played by new bands, mainly based in Galway, and art/photographic exhibitions by local artists.

The buffet will run from 8.15 until 10.30 p.m., offering also vegetarian options. And during all night you can enjoy beloved Italian cocktails as Negroni and Spritz for only 5€

Admission is 8 € at the door on the night (buffet included). you can book your ticket here

If you book online, the first cocktail is 3€

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