the great beauty

This beautiful movie will be shown in The Town Hall Theater this Sunday, November 3rd, at 20:15.

Especially recommended for Fellini fans and for all those in love with Rome!

Jep Gambaradella is an elegant, sad-eyed bachelor, now 65 years old. He is a famous journalist and man-about-town, whose early promise as a novelist was never fulfilled. Jep is entirely content with The Roman shallow and amusing world in which he lives. He is connoisseur of its exquisite surfaces. But one day a man of Jep’s age arrives on his doorstep to tell Jep that his wife has just died – a woman who turns out to have been Jep’s first love when he was 18 years old.

A film of aristocratic ladies, social climbers, politicians, high-flying criminals, journalists, actors, decadent nobles, prelates, artists and intellectuals engulfed in a desperate Babylon which plays out in the antique palaces, immense villas and most beautiful terraces in the city.

You can get your tickets here


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