Life Gets Tasteless: A Radio Drama


There is such a wide variety of cultural activities in Galway I can’t imagine somebody getting bored in this city.

Today, Wednesday 20th,  at 9 pm if you turn your radion on and select Flirt FM 101.3 you can listen to the radio drama Life gets Tasteless. The play was written and directed by Marisa O Mahony and is funded by the BAI’s Sound & Vision scheme. Life Gets Tasteless is Marisa’s first play. It was performed as a stage play as part of the Cork Arts Theatre’s Lunchtime Season in the Summer of 2012. After its initial run of one week, it was brought back by popular demand for a second run.

The play tells the story of Maureen Nestor who has a near death experience while having a gastric band operation. During this, she looks back at her life and her relationship with food and her body. With the help of her spirit guide; A, she realises how much of her time she spent eating, dieting and worrying about her weight. Maureen comes to the realisation that no matter how much you eat, life can get tasteless.

A humorous and tender look at one person’s obsession with food and her weight, this is a radio play for  anyone who has ever counted a calorie, stepped on a scales or gazed forlornly at a rice cake.

Life Gets Tasteless was produced, recorded and edited by radio producer Alan Meaney, who was been so kind to let us know about this great opportunity to enjoy theatre with our eyes closed, imagining the scene with the help of the voices in the radio. Thank you Alan!

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