Harry Potter Festival @ NUIG

The dedicated Harry Potter fans from Potter Soc at the National University of Ireland, Galway have teamed up to bring you, the Irish Potter Heads, your very own convention. 
Taking place this weekend (Friday 31st to Sunday 2nd February) in different places in the campus (Art Room, Hub, College Bar etc). You can check the details here
Ticket prices at the door are as follows:
One day ticket (entry for either Saturday or Sunday) is €10.
A weekend ticket (entry for both Saturday and Sunday) is €15.
Friday evening is free.Children under the age of 8 are allowed free entry* and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

With talks on the series, games, Quidditch matches (NUIG was the first college in Ireland to bring Muggle Quidditch with the formation of the All Ireland Quidditch League in 2012. At PotterFest, we’ll be having Quidditch matches for everyone to join in and experience the fast paced action of this magical sport.), competitions, panels, debates and Diagon Alley, you can experience the magic of the Wizarding World right here at NUIG.

There also will be classes in astronomy, ancient runes, divination, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, and, for those of you over 18, a potions class in the college bar.
HP festival5465154_orig

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