Drum & Sing

Drum & Sing

A perfect activity for the shy singers, Drum & Sing with Anet has created this session for next Saturday, March 22nd.

This is the way the event is described. If you want to find out more about this singing sessions, you can check their Facebook page here:

We will sing in a circle, learning short phrases of song or chant in four or five part harmony. The vocal range of the parts are designed more for ‘natural’ voices than classically trained singers making the songs accessible to all levels of singers. Participants will also be guided to find their comfortable range be it Bass, Tenor, Alto, or Soprano.

Holding the belief that everyone can sing, creating a space where is is safe to sing without fear of being criticised, is instrumental to singing joyfully and freely, singing from the heart. During this workshop I will invite you to relax in the idea that all voices really are welcome.


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