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A Fairy Tale Walk

A Fairy Tale Walk


The Connect Intercultural Group have organized a family friendly walk through Merlin Woods on Saturday 26th April starting at 11am.

All ages are welcome, and participants are asked to come dressed as their favourite fairy or elf! Come see where the fairies and elves live, and also hear tales from the woods, told by a storyteller.

Participants are asked to meet at the Council Compound just behind the playground in Merlin Woods Park, Doughiska at 11am

Songs from the Mountain

Galway Gospel Choir present Songs from the Mountain – a journey through the Bluegrass and Applachian songs of the American South.

Appalachian music has roots in the Irish tradition. The Appalachain musicians and singers claim “We stole your music; we may have sat on the porch and speeded it up some; but we sure stole your music.” Galway Gospel Choir presents an evening of Southern Appalachia tradition of hospitality and song, featuring well known songs made famous by the movies O Brother Where art thou? and Cold Mountain.

The concert will also feature Heartworn Highway. A four piece band who play a mix of country, bluegrass and contemporary American songs and tunes, featuring mandolin, guitar and dobro.

Friday 25th April in An Taibhdhearc at 8pm.

Admission €10.


Songs from the Mountain

A Wine Goose Chase

This is another event included in the Galway Food Festival. It is programmed for 3pm on Sat. 19th & Sun 20th in Busker Brownes Bar

Entry is €15

‘A Wine Goose Chase’ is a one woman theatrical performance & interactive wine tasting with storytelling.

Wine and theatre combine to tell the fascinating story of Ireland’s winemakers.
Susan Boyle loves wine. What’s more she knows what she’s drinking and talking about. She’s got 2,000 years of Irish wine history to back her up! So, sit back, let her fill your glass while she takes you on a trip with the tenacious Irish people who transformed the wine world and didn’t let coming from a grape-free land stop them.


This hour-long one woman theatrical performance fuses interactive wine tasting with storytelling in a warm, inviting setting. Audience members will have the opportunity to put their senses to use and hopefully leave with a new insight to a drink that has been part of Ireland’s history for much longer than we might think.

Paleo diet in the Food Festival

Paleo diet in the Food Festival

If you want to experiment the paleo diet, this Saturday, April 19th, the perfect place is 37 West.

The paleolithic diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed diet of Paleolithic humans. It is based on several controversial premises, the most important of which are: first, that human genetics have scarcely changed since the dawn of agriculture, which marked the end of the Paleolithic era, around 15,000 years ago; second, that modern humans are adapted to the diet or diets of the Paleolithic period; and, third, that it is possible for modern science to discern what such diets consisted of.

The Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

This event is part of the Galway Food Festival

The story of Yonosuke

This is the last movie of this year’s Japanese Film Festival that we can watch in the Eye cinema today, Thursday 10th of April at 7 pm

It is based on the novel by Shuichi Yoshida (Villain)

Yonosuke takes pleasure in life’s simplest things and his positivity touches and alters everyone around him, from his college friends to his work colleagues in later life. Through the recounting of the friends’ experiences of Yonosuke, we start to build-up his story, his character, piecing everything together about him and where he is today.

Without a doubt a ‘dream-team’ of creative talent, director Okita, author Shuichi Yoshida (Villain), screenwriter Shiro Maeda (Isn’t Anyone Alive?) and rising star Kengo Kora (Fish Story), come together to make a film that you’ll want to watch over and over again. – Hawaii Film Festival 2013

Chicken Run : EASTER WEEKEND 2014

The Burren Nature Sanctuary offers us an activity for all the family for next Easter Weekend.

From the 18th to de 20th of April, at 2 pm, your children can enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt around the Sanctuary.

The ticket (per child) is 10 Euro, and it includes a chocolate egg. The ticket (children must be accompanied by adults) includes full entry to the Burren Sanctuary

ImageThe life size chicken will lead children around the playground and Nature Walk doing nature based challenges and activities.

They will meet sweet pea’s new bunny baby and try to find where the giant chicken has made her giant nest full of chocolate eggs.

Remember that this Sanctuary is in Kinvara. You can check the map and their website here

The 80’s are back in Kelly’s