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Cabaret life drawing

Cabaret life drawing

Dr. Sketchy’s is a life drawing class turned cabaret extravaganza. Artists draw glamorous underground performers, compete in contests, and win booze and prizes.

The theme will be vintage sci-fi theme – Pin-Up Martians, Venusian burlesque, in a heady mix of art, music, performance and quirky competitions

Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, from its humble Brooklyn beginnings, it has spread to 100 cities on five continents- including London, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, Sao Paulo and Melbourne.

This Saturday, March 8th at 4 30 pm in Monroe’s

Rosin Dubh: The Dirty Circus


It’s the Dirty Circus April Fools Party!!!

Ladies wear your finest, Gentlemen dress like…gentlemen.


Feathers, hats, corsets, fishnets stockings,  dramatic make up…

So it’s time for cabaret renaissence in Galway, this occassion for April Fools Party. The Dirty Circus is a group of people in Galway that tours around the city recruiting its best cabaret and burlesque performers.

It seems it has always been a success since they performed in The Cellar, De Burgos and  like this time, Kelly’s. There’s dancing, singing, music, poetry, comedy and lots more always with a 1920’s feather touch and decadence…and loads of fun!

Wether it’s your first time or you’re one of the regulars dress yourself up with a smart suit and tie (that’s for you guys) or put on your best night outfit (here’s for you girls)…there might be a chance to win a prize for the best well dressed lady of the night.

Don’t think twice, dress you up and have a fun night!

The Dirty Circus April Fools Party at Kelly’s
Starts at 9pm on Friday 5th , entry € 10
Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street, Galway