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Slow Food Festival…take your time to enjoy


Who doesn’t remember being a kid and not wanting to eat the food at the table or taking ages to swallow it down…? I’d say many of us. But, what is this festival about? Well it has something to do with taking your time to eat, although not only precisely eating, but knowing how to choose the best food throughout all the process. It’s about knowing local producers and farmers, buying in your local small shops and knowing how to make the most of it in your everyday diet to enjoy the best food…from the land to your table.


local food


Probably you’ve already heard about the Slow Food Movement, a global non-profit organization that promotes food that is sourced locally as well as local food traditions. If you want to find out more, visit Slow Food International.

This month the celebration about good food will be in the Burren Slow Food Festival, in County Clare. Farmers market, cooking competitions, salmon and  beer tasting (among others), classes, talks, music…It actually looks very good! Keep an eye on their website as their updating the events at the festival.



So, specially in times of pre-cooked food and take away meals…why don’t you take your time and enjoy really what you’re eating? Feeling good about (good) food is great…isn’t it?

Burren Slow Food Festival 2013, Lisdoonvarna, County Clare.

17th, 18th, & 19th of May.

Tickets: €5, children free