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Vikings in the Museum!

This Saturday May 3rd, the Galway City Museum has prepared a children’s activity to know better one of the most famous invaders of Ireland: the Vikings.

It is an activity for children from 7 to 12 years and will take place from  11am – 12.30pm

The Vikings were feared warriors, but they were also skilled sailors and traders.

With the local archaeologist Anne Carey they will learn about the Vikings and have a go at making a Norse shield and a post and wattle fence.

This event is FREE but places are limited so advance booking is ESSENTIAL.

For further information or to book a place contact the museum on (091) 532460.


Drum & Sing

Drum & Sing

A perfect activity for the shy singers, Drum & Sing with Anet has created this session for next Saturday, March 22nd.

This is the way the event is described. If you want to find out more about this singing sessions, you can check their Facebook page here:

We will sing in a circle, learning short phrases of song or chant in four or five part harmony. The vocal range of the parts are designed more for ‘natural’ voices than classically trained singers making the songs accessible to all levels of singers. Participants will also be guided to find their comfortable range be it Bass, Tenor, Alto, or Soprano.

Holding the belief that everyone can sing, creating a space where is is safe to sing without fear of being criticised, is instrumental to singing joyfully and freely, singing from the heart. During this workshop I will invite you to relax in the idea that all voices really are welcome.

The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound

Out of Luck: Friday 13th December 7pm

Galway Community Circus is very excited to announce their brand new Christmas show: ‘OUT OF LUCK’! The spectacular performance will take place outside the Galway City Museum at Spanish Arch in the centre of Galway city.

The show will kick off at 7pm and feature new performances from the Tweenies, Moustachios, Seniors and Performance Troupers. Given that this is an outdoor show, our members are taking it as an opportunity to explore the space, make site specific choices and perform without the rigging and set-up of our circus hall or the Black Box theatre. It’s going to be a magical night of thrills and mystery, but as its outside make sure to wrap up well before hand!

Free of charge

Minus 3. Music at Galway City Museum

New Music at the Galway City Museum

Saturday 23rd November, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
ConTempo Quartet & Mihai Cucu will offer a performance that will bring music out of the concert hall to the museum space.

The 4 members of the quartet will play in different rooms on different levels throughout the building. The audience will walk around the museum watching a “MINUS 3 Quartet” (individual quartet members playing solo) and hearing a full quartet piece from both the solo live musician & speakers (pre-recorded tape).

Presented by the Galway Music Residency in association with New Music: New Audiences EU project

ConTempo Quartet will perform throughout the museum accompanied by exciting visuals by Romanian video artist Mihai Cucu.

No booking required

Galway Culture Night


Over 150 different events are taking place tomorrow, Friday 20th September, here there is our top ten:

1. TRADIOHEAD LIVE IN THE CRANE, from 9 30 (free concert) Tradiohead take the songs of Radiohead and retread them using instruments more often associated with Irish traditional music

2. BABORÓ AT THE TOWN HALL: CREATE A BIRDIE WORKSHOP (5-7 pm, in the Town Hall Theatre) Children of 5+  a craft workshop where you get to create your very own felt version of the Baboró festival avatar Birdie.


3. NATIONAL COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATIONS MUSEUM OF IRELAND – BACK TO THE FUTURE. Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Dangan Business Park, NUI Galway (from 6 : 30 pm) Back to the Future’ at Retro Gaming & Science Fiction event. Relive the thrills of playing video Arcade classics including Pacman, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Pong and Sonic on renowned vintage consoles and computers such as Atari, Amiga, Sega Mega Drive and Sinclair ZX81.

4. MACNAS (Fisheries Field, Salmon Weir Bridge) 5-7 pm. Macnas Street Theatre Performance Workshop with Artistic Director, Noeline Kavanagh. This workshop in Street Theatre Performance will reflect the signature style that Macnas employs in creating a street theatre show.

*** Space is limited, please, check the website and reserve your place

5. GALWAY CITY MUSEUM – GALWAY AND THE REVOLUTION From 6 pm. Social conflict, war and revolution in County Galway, 1913-1923 – following last year’s highly successful ‘Incomplete History of Galway’, Culture Night 2013 at the City Museum narrows the focus to the tumultuous decade, which culminated in the establishment of the modern Irish state.

6. TAAFFE’S – THE WALL OF TRUTH From 6 pm. Artists Brendan Savage and Margaret Nolan convert the enigmatic shopfront into a wall of truth, an interactive space where the members of the public can contemplate the general emotive feelings of the community.

7. BÁDÓIRÍ AN CLADAIG – EXPLORE GALWAY’S NEWEST HOOKER, CROÍ AN CLADAIG In the Long Walk, from 3: 30 pm (depending on the weather)  The Claddagh Community Boat Club invites you to the Long Walk quay to visit Croí an Cladaig, the sensational new Claddagh hooker, built fro scratch in Galway and launched last year.

8. LORG PRINTMAKERS – A WORKING STUDIO Unit 8, Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Ballybane 4.00pm – 8.00pm Demonstrations and workshops how a working print studio functions. You will have the opportunity to print your own t-shirts and learn other printing processes, including digital printing, screen printing, inking and etching plates and monoprinting.


9. WOOD QUAY – IMAGINATIVE NEIGHBOURHOOD 5.00pm – 7.00pm The School of Architecture University of Limerick together with Galway City Council presents Imaginative Neighbourhood Wood Quay. From 5-7pm in the “Design with Communities Pop Up Shop” in Wood Quay (formerly Harvest Off Licence), they will host an Open Critique of student design proposals for interim use projects for Wood Quay answering the questions “Have we lost the use of our streets as a community resource? Can we imagine them differently?

10. BRIDGE MILLS RESTAURANT (basement floor) 2 activities: 5 – 6 pm: Storytelling & music with Mickey McCrory & Conor Geoghgan. Ages 5+ and 7 – 8 pm : Jazz on the Balcony(weather permitting) with local jazz guitarist Aengus Hackett

You have all the information and activities in the website of the event.

Derrick Hawker: An Islands’ Retrospective – Ceiliúradh & Buíochas

Derrick Hawker: An Islands' Retrospective – Ceiliúradh & Buíochas

One of the exhibitions of the Arts Festival is still in the Galway City Museum, until the end of August.

Derrick Hawker is an artist and designer-craftsman who has been involved with the community and the landscape of the western islands of Connemara since the 60’s. This exhibition is a celebration of his love for the people and the place. He has spent the last twelve years making a series of twelve paintings which focus symbolically on Ballynakill Lake in Gorumna. This is the first time they have been exhibited. The exhibition will run on the Second Floor Gallery as part of the Galway Arts Festival programme for 2013.

Remember that the Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 to 17 h and the admission is free