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Mussel Festival…Mussels are not only a Belgian thing


There’s always music, markets, talks, theatre, craic (didn’t we mention this last one before?)  but this time there will be mussels!!! Yes, mussels, that shellfish that not many people pay too much attention to around this land. Somebody thought they should get the consideration they deserve and so they came up with the idea of  The Connemara Mussel Festival. Here’s the way it was: on a Spring evening seating in a local pub chatting away around a few pints (how else…?) then someone called in with a bucket of those sea beings, cooked them with a simple but nice recipe and ate them with the company of some guitar playing…that’s it! The craic started there with the mussles! These are the Irish for you.

mussels and pints

Funny as it sounds that is truly the story of its beginning eight years ago. It grew so popular that they have their own website with plenty of events. Even if you feel like cooking, and like the idea of being nervously filmed in the Masterchief show, there will be Amateur Cooking Competition, and it’s for free! There won’t be any tv cameras (or maybe they will, who knows) but you could well be the winner of a fanstastic prize…


Now, you have a good plan for the May Bank Holiday weekend. Don’t fancy mussels?   Don’t have to… just have a look at the fabulous program they offer and enjoy the craic!

Mussel Festival

From 3rd to 5th May

Tullycross, Renvyle Peninsula, Co. Galway

Early Music Festival, back to ancient Galway

GEMF 2013 image

Have you ever rambled around the old Medieval part of Galway and wondered how it would be like in those distant times? No cars, no phones, not so many things which we couldn’t imagine to live without in the times we live in.

But we still keep having wonderful things from the past. Like now, there was music, there was dance, and poetry, and songs, and street performances…If you add to all this the Irish imagery and magic, and beautiful costumes…you’ll find yourself inmerse in some kind of mystical haze that will cover the city of Galway  from  9 to 12 of May.

The populatity of the  Galway Early Music Festival of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music keeps increasing since the festival was first held in 1996, with plenty of musicians an other artists from around the world.


If you haven’t heard before about the Irish Harp, the Lirone or Bardic poetry, get lost between the medieval streets of Galway and enjoy a trip to the past…the old times will be new for you!

Galway Early Music Festival

From the 9th to 12th May

Different prices and venues, check their website