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Hitchcock in the IMC Cinema

We are delighted to hear that IMC Cinemas are going to screen 4 Alfred Hitchcock‘s movies during the month of May, and tickets are only 5 euros.

If you like a good suspense film don’t miss out this opportunity. The four movies will be shown at 2:30 and 8:30 pm.

Monday, 5th MayDial M for Murder. Ray Milland plays the scheming villain, an ex-tennis pro who tries to murder his unfaithful wife (Grace Kelly) for her money.

Monday, 12th MayVertigo. James Stewart plays “Scottie”, a former police investigator suffering from acrophobia, who develops an obsession with a woman he is shadowing (Novak). Scottie’s obsession leads to tragedy. The film contains a camera technique developed by Irmin Roberts that has been copied many times by filmmakers, wherein the image appears to “stretch”. It has become known by many nicknames, “Hitchcock Zoom,” and “Vertigo Effect.”












Monday, 19th MayRear Window. Again with James Stewart in the leading role. Stewart’s character, a photographer based on Robert Capa, must temporarily use a wheelchair; out of boredom he begins observing his neighbours across the courtyard, and becomes convinced one of them (Raymond Burr) has murdered his wife. 

Monday, 26th MayNorth By North West. Cary Grant portrays Roger Thornhill, a Madison Avenue advertising executive who is mistaken for a government secret agent.He is hotly pursued across the United States by enemy agents.

You can book your tickets here



The cinema is going to be full of kids, noisy, eating and drinking, moving around and laughing all the time.

Don’t worry, leave your adult life at the door, smile and enjoy the movie. You are going to like it too, check the trailer:

You can watch Despicable Me 2 in IMC Cinemas and Eye Cinema. 

Keep in mind that IMC Cinema has the unemployed rate: 3,80 until 5 pm (1 extra Euro if you are watching a 3D movie)