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The story of Yonosuke

This is the last movie of this year’s Japanese Film Festival that we can watch in the Eye cinema today, Thursday 10th of April at 7 pm

It is based on the novel by Shuichi Yoshida (Villain)

Yonosuke takes pleasure in life’s simplest things and his positivity touches and alters everyone around him, from his college friends to his work colleagues in later life. Through the recounting of the friends’ experiences of Yonosuke, we start to build-up his story, his character, piecing everything together about him and where he is today.

Without a doubt a ‘dream-team’ of creative talent, director Okita, author Shuichi Yoshida (Villain), screenwriter Shiro Maeda (Isn’t Anyone Alive?) and rising star Kengo Kora (Fish Story), come together to make a film that you’ll want to watch over and over again. – Hawaii Film Festival 2013