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Connemara Pony Show

1146700_10151621334864403_903430316_n Is it all about horses this summer?

We have already told you about the Omey Races, and the Galway Races (of course) and still, this weekend, if you can, we recommend you to go to Clifden for the Connemara Pony Show.

It is a one week Festival, and among several other things you can see Susan Oakes and her Connemara stallion Coral Misty’s Comic (In the picture) at the launch of the 90th annual Connemara Pony show taking place in Clifden, Co. Galway on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th August.

Susan will attempt to set a World record for the highest jump by a Connemara pony ridden side saddle, over the Puissance wall on Friday 16th August.

The show itself will start at 9 am Thursday and continues on Friday. With a history dating back to 1924, there are over 400 ponies on show. It is the largest display of Connemara Ponies anywhere in the world.

Visitors are treated to the spectacle of seeing the ponies demonstrate their prowess in trials and competitions under the watchful eye of experienced judges and a win is always a source of great pride for the pony’s dedicated owner.

The Connemara Pony is a distinctive breed with excellent qualities: strong, intelligent and very hard working, perfect for the wild unforgiving landscape of Connemara, the Galway region that gave them their name. Their genial disposition makes them excellent pets while their powerful build makes them good jumpers and great show ponies.


Also, there will be a party on Friday celebrating the 90th edition of the Festival, with live open air music and food, followed by a live band in the Station House Theatre.

** And you can buy your pony Saturday or Sunday from a catalogue of 525!!