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In the pubs for the weekend

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Celebrating the 4th of July

To celebrate the day of the United States of IRELAND, a handful of parties are going to be celebrated in Galway.

If you are an American in Ireland, or you have been an Irish in America, tomorrow you have to party (We are sure you can find any other excuse 🙂 )

Some of the pubs hosting a party tomorrow are:

BUSKER BROWNES: (In Cross Street)

buskerbrownes party

THE FRONT DOOR: (Opposite Busker Brownes, also in Cross Street)

front door party

THE KING’S HEAD: (15 High Street)kingshead party

THE QUAYS: (11 Quay Street)quays party

The Blue Note, Small and Cute

It’s a bit strange that we haven’t mentioned this pub before, as it’s one of our favourites. Located in the West End of the city, it’s one of the classic pop bars in Galway.

You can either enjoy having a drink while playing some board games in the little room on the left in your friends company or pick one of the books placed on their shelves while enjoying some good music in the background. Also if your birthday is coming soon, you can book this room for you and your party people and even bring your own finger food or tapas!
Not bad, eh?

It has one of the coolest (if i’m allowed to called it so) smoking areas…not wanting to promote smoke but in a night out this area is busier than inside, and not always with smokers! People like people…

You can never know about the music, sometimes it’s pure 80’s, some other times it’s more new electronic dance, 90’s have their space too, 70’s…as I said you never know, it’s a surprise but you surely have to try this small bar and even try to dance to any sound of music in their tiny disco-floor, why don’t you try on your way to the toilet…

The Blue Note

3 William Street West,

Galway’s West End  Galway

In the Square

In Eyre Square, we mean (if there are more squares in Galway they go unnoticed)

We all have to move across it, walk along to get the bus or the train, go by it to reach the shopping centre, run to it in the middle of the night for fast food, so why not stop in there and have a drink in its pubs.

Our selection starts with O’Connells, maybe our favourite, thanks to the beer garden and the atmosphere of  “I’ve been here all my life”, look at the floor, the wooden bar, it has the beauty of the ancient, like a symbol of certainty, constancy, the eternal place to meet friends.

If O’Connells were in Madrid, the floor would be full of wooden sticks, paper napkins and peanut shells, but because it is in Galway, it is full of the regular crew reading the paper, enjoying one of the tastiest Guinness in the city and watching the sports in the tv at any time of the day.


It is a pub for sports, it always amazes me how many people pay attention to the tv when showing golf  (Golf!!), why don’t you go next saturday 18 for the Heinken Cup, rugby is always on in O’Connells. And there’s always music on Fridays and Saturdays, in the beer garden, just in case there’s more golf in the screen.

Next in the list is just in the corner: Garvey’s.


With friendly staff, good price and a great atmosphere Garvey’s a good place to catch up with friends or enjoy the food, served from 8 am to 9 pm everyday.

I have to say that here I tried one of the worst inventions Smithwicks did this year, a beer with peach flavor or something worse. The good thing was that, when the barman saw our face, a lovely Guinness was inmediately poured.

Recommended in Trip Advisor, many tourists (like us) go to Garvey’s, also due to its location.

The third and last one, also in this sidewalk, is Fibber Magees, famous after it hit national headlines in 2004 due to its refusal to impose the newly-introduced smoking ban.


It’s a small pub, especially if we compare it to the other two, but hey do excellent drinks promotions. It is a good place to start when heading out on a good night out,  with a crowd generally in their mid twenties. This pub is very popular with college students for its cheap drinks and they also have music during the week-

There’s a famous pub across the square, The Skeff, but in WhatwhereGalway we have a secret agreement… never go in there, no, no, no… it’s not for us.

quiz, quizzes

Two interesting quizzes this week in the pubs. Because everything can be done inside the pub in Galway, even earning some money and showing off what a wise person you are.


The monthly Cottage Quiz, in the Cottage Bar Salthill.

It’s not an easy one, so start reading all the newspapers, all the blogs all the news in the tv. It is tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8 pm. To book a table call 091583723.

This Quiz is always the first Wednesday of the month, so, if it is fully booked for May, remember it will be back the 5th of June.

Prices including some bottle but mostly is cash, you better take the big bag for the money!!


And Monks vs Punks, in Kelly’s, a charity event for the Irish Cancer Society.

This Thursday, 2nd of May, from 7 30. Tablequiz will be taking place first and then a few hairy men will be taken to the stage to get their chest or legs waxed and some people will be shaving their head.

No money but prizes  to be won in this case, tickets are €20 per team of 4.