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Pandora’s Box, get a new wardrobe for less

ImagenHi Galway fashionistas! Feeling your pockets are more empty each month…? You might have a look to the next Pandora’s Box showroom, a few months old thrift market right in the center of the city. Open to everybody any age, the market offers from old vintage clothes, shoes and little things wich you could recognise from your granny’s wardrobe till handmade crafty stuff that will make you look so unique.

Don’t be shy! Feel free to join us – and your friends – and have a walk around the stalls and maybe have a nice cup of tea. You can get a completely new wardrobe for a few pennies or find that personal gift for someone special.



Pandora’s Box: Saturday 23th March, in the Electric Garden. From 12am to 6pm.



Make that day a more interesting day…because you’re worth it!