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Moth and Butterfly is a regular Monthly Night of Storytelling and Improvisation. This month it is included in the programme of the Fringe Festival, but you can go every third Wednesdays of the Month.

The show brings together the art forms of both Storytelling & Improvisation. Stories will be provided by the Moth and Butterfly Crew Creative team, and of course, by the Audience, so be ready to participate.

There will be three types of Storytelling on the night:

  • Moth style stories must be short, true, thematic, and feature the teller themselves as a character.
  • Improvised stories will be created fresh on the spot – no two are the same!
  • Freefall stories are all other stories that still fit the theme – from fiction to fairy tales, from tall tales to a story in a song.

This is a night for oral storytelling, so no reading or notes – just pure story!

The night is for both tellers and listeners, for without good listeners; there would be no good stories! There will be opportunity for people to tell and also to just sit comfy and join in the journey of the imagination.

Great stories invite us in for a listen. They don’t always have to be funny by any means. They draw from a wide emotional pallet.  We love to laugh, but also to cry, to growl, to gasp.  We invite people to tell stories from the heart.

Moth and Butterfly is in Upstairs @ The Townhouse Bar, Spanish Parade from 8 pm

To check all the relevant information you can check their Facebook page